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an article of the 5 band

and QRP HyEndFed Antenna.

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We are very proud
of the confidence that
Wimo and
Martin Lynch
have placed in our products!
Since this year, they will be
the representatives
in Germany and England




User report from PD2RKG 

4 band HyEndFEd



Test HyEndFed in German

magazine "FUNKAMATEUR"

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review from OE7OPJ

HyEndFed and SOTA!










review from HAJO

Tri Band HyEndFed

on his BLOG




PD2RKG using his new

40M MonoBand HyEndFed



PD2RKG using the Tri Band


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enthousiastic video and

beautifull webpage










jan 26,2012

English Manuals

for 5 & 3 Band HyEndFed






Soundbite from
qso on 20m with OE/PA0BWX

Hear the difference between

ZS6BKW and 20m HyEndFed




Quick test 

between Multband 


and ZS6BKW











 This page, where it all started,  is not heavily maintained.  Our mainpage is :  

 topendfed top-end-fed endfedantenne High Quality top endfed

We are Rob, PA3EKE and Ron, PA3RK

Two hams who are devoted into antenna design. We have designed a range of half wave end fed wire antennas

We called them "HyEndFed Antenna". "Hy End" because of the quality we remain. "End Fed" describes the feeding
method. We are feeding a half wave wire antenna (efhw) at the end ( or beginning, hi ) due a low loss (~0,8 - 1,1dB ) matching network.

Maximum performance with minimum handling.

Its a single wire monoband antenna, operating without any radials or grounding. Nothing new. But its in our
opinion a forgotten design. Often misunderstood and confused by the 1:9 balun designs. It is known in the homebrew

QRP scene but not available as build unit for more than 100 watt. So we decide to build our own series of monopole

antennas from 300 Watt PEP to more than 2000 Watt continue carrier.( 2kw only for 20 and 40 meter at the moment ).

300 Watt PEP version is on request available for the 40,20,17,15,10,11 and 6 meter band. We are building/desiging for hobby and

our goal is to make high quality products and make hams happy.


Read here for more information about EndFed wire antenna;s in general


New QRP Tri Band BackPack SOTA antenna for 40,20 and 10 meter. 

Max pwr 25 PEP. Ideal for Elecraft KX3, Yaesu FT-817.

Silverplated copper litze with 180 kg force before break down, special coil with centralized mounting of the antenna litze.



New improved HyEndFed Multibander, polycarbonate enclosure, better sealed coil, better

matching on 10mtr band.  This enclosure is available for 3,4 and 5 band HyEndFed.





HyEndFed webshop at